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Page: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Free URL Submission is a new (summer 2002) crawler based search engine that is scalable to about 200 billion webpages.  

The Walt Disney Internet Group (NYSE:DIG) is the Internet business of The Walt Disney Company.

Go was formerly called Infoseek, a searchengine that was launched back in 1995. Go is launced in 1999. Pay-per-Click / Pay-per-Ranking Submission Free URL Submission

Google focuses exclusively on delivering the best search experience on the World Wide Web, and therefore google is the fastest growing searchengine on the web. It has own search technology and Yahoo! and Netscape Search are two large users of the service. Google is a so called "popularity searchengine", that measures the clickthroughs to sites in a searchresult. By doing this these pages end up higher in the lisitng automatically.

Upon submitting to Google, it can take up to 4-6 weeks for your site to be listed in the index. Make sure you have enough external links pointing to your site, otherwise your submission might be rejected. Google will re-spider or re-index every page in its database approximately once every 4-6 weeks.

If you are concerned about your latest Google ranking, have a look at the engine's and servers. At the end of a month these servers frequently generate different search results from the main Google site. The main cause of discrepancies between the servers is Google's rolling update schedule. It's done in stages and takes several days. Google's engineers use www2 and www3 as staging areas to test new versions of the index. Of the two, www2 is the most reliable. Some people have argue that www2 contains the newest Google data, waiting to be moved over to Google's main server. If this is the case, a site's position on www2 is essentially a preview of its overall Google ranking. But a source at Google explained that while www2 often does function this way, it's not always the case. As for www3 it's "basically random" and thus almost worthless as an indicator of your site's fate.

Read our comments on the Google Page Rank mechanism, and find a Google Page Rank calculation example.  

Highway 61 is a MetaSearchengine. The results are coming from Dmoz, Yahoo!, Fast and Goto. Free URL Submission

Wired Digital/Lycos is proud of HotBot. Since it was launched in 1996, the HotBot Searchengine has been voted the best in the industry every year by the leading technology publications. HotBot has garnered these awards by offering Web users one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date "snapshots" of the Web currently available. Based on its expanding features set, ongoing content development, and significant traffic growth, HotBot has emerged as one of the top Web portals in operation today. Its the search site of choice for experienced users and Web beginners alike.

Initially, it can take up to 2 months to get indexed in Hotbot. However, more often then not it takes 5-6 months to be indexed. If you want your website indexed quicker, use Inktomi paid registration. Generally, your site will be indexed into HotBot within 1-2 weeks.

Hotbot uses the databases of Direct Hit (first results), Inktomi (secondary results) and the directory information from  

Intelligent clustering of results is a key feature of this attractive new metasearch engine. The clustering is reminiscent of Vivisimos similar feature, with results organized into theme groups related to your search terms. The clustering is generated automatically in real time, and presented in an expandable hierarchical menu. iBoogie also offers deep Web search using Quigos technology (select either "Web" or "Invisible Web"), and it accepts large blocks of text as search term input (iBoogie carries out sophisticated phrase extraction on text blocks).  

iLOR Search results have many more options than regular search sites! When you pause your cursor arrow over a search result using iLOR, an option menu appears that gives you exciting, useful and easier ways to explore the results that are relevant to your search and ignore the ones that are not. is powered by Ask Jeeves / Teoma. Express URL Submission

Inktomi is not a searchengine anymore. Initially it was designed as the searchengine of UC Berkely. The creators of Inktomi formed a seperate company and developed search technology that initially was used by Hotbot. Nowadays Inktomi powers AOL Search, GoTo, Hotbot, Looksmart and MSN.

Your are guided to, when you use the submit button for express submission.  

iWon, formerly a meta search engine now retrieves its search results from Google. is a Meta Searchengine. Express URL Submission is a human edited search engine and directory started by ex Go guides who wanted to keep the community alive. Pay-per-Click / Pay-per-Ranking Submission is a B2B2C ecommerce Bid-For-Location searchengine. Under this system, web site owners determine their placement in search results by purchasing appropriate keyword search terms. After the paid web sites are listed, traditional searchengine results follow. Pay-per-Click / Pay-per-Ranking URL Submission is a pay-per-click search engine. Pay-per-Click / Pay-per-Ranking URL Submission

LookSmart is dedicated to helping the world find useful information quickly. LookSmart's search and directory service reaches more than 64 million unique users a month - nearly 83 percent of all Internet users in the United States - through LookSmart's Web properties and partner sites.

LookSmart's search services reaches more than 52 million people a month, the equivalent of 74 percent of all Internet users in the U.S.

Looksmart provides directory results to Altavista, Excite and MSN Search. Express URL Submission

Lycos started out as a search engine, depending on listings that came from spidering the web. In April 1999, it shifted to a directory model similar to Yahoo. Its main listings come from with some results from the Open Directory project. In October 1998, Lycos acquired the competing HotBot search service, which continues to be run separately. As of March 2002, Fast is now providing results for Lycos. You can choose to add your pages for free to Lycos by submitting your site to Free inclusion into the Lycos index can take up to 3 months. If you would like to have your site added to Lycos within five days use Lycos new Express Inclusion program.

Lycos retrieves further search results from and Direct Hit.

Powered by Google

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Perform search engine submission to the major search engines. Perform search engine submission to the major search engines.
Perform search engine submission to the regional search engines. Perform search engine submission to the regional search engines.


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